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Our Story

Influenced by their rich cultural heritage and driven by their collective passion for the culinary arts, brothers Fahim and Faraz Sardharia present to you Tandoor Char House.  This restaurant embodies the depth of their love and respect for family and represents their unique approach to fine dining.

As all great storytellers will tell you, the best place to start is the beginning.  Fahim and Faraz’s Indian father and Pakistani mother were famous amongst their friends for their delicious dinners and generous natures.  Only their mother was able to meet and exceed their father’s high culinary standards through the use of the best ingredients and the implementation of the most ancient of techniques. Amazed and inspired by the deliciously sumptuous stews simmering in their mother’s Karhai, and their father’s rare and delectably deep marination of Halal meats charred to perfection according to tradition, Fahim and Faraz breathed life into Tandoor Char House. Curious and mesmerized by the style and precision of their parents’ cooking, the Sardharia Brothers devoted many years in the kitchen perfecting this collection of recipes and developing new ones of their very own.


A Word From

Fahim and Faraz

We feel that fine eating establishments know the essence of the restaurant business. It isn’t merely enough to provide good food. The truly memorable dining experience depends upon several other ingredients from the top selections to the most dedicated people serving you.  We would like to lift your dining experience to a whole new level, a level of harmony which not only shows in our atmosphere, but in our philosophy to bring you an experience that is simply unparalleled in the restaurant industry.


Fahim and Faraz Sardharia

Culinary Team

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